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Phone Numbers in the 818 Area Code: Perfect for Sales and Customer Service Teams

The 818 area code falls within the Pacific Time Zone (PT), which transitions to Pacific Daylight Time (PDT) during daylight saving time. Coordinating business communication within this time frame is essential to maintain efficiency and prevent errors. PT is three hours behind Eastern Time (ET) and eight hours behind Coordinated Universal Time (UTC-8). Understanding these time differences is critical for international interactions to ensure clear and timely communications. Awareness of time zones strengthens professional relationships by respecting the schedules of all parties involved.

Best Local Business Phone Providers for 818 Area Code


    • Local numbers: $1
    • Local minutes: $0.04
    • Local Vanity Number: Yes

    • Local numbers: $20
    • Local minutes: Unlimited
    • Local Vanity Number: Yes

    • Local numbers: $5
    • Local minutes: Unlimited
    • Local Vanity Number: Yes

    • Local numbers: $1.50
    • Local minutes: $0.04
    • Local Vanity Number: Yes

    • Local numbers: $3
    • Local minutes: $0.05
    • Local Vanity Number: No

What Time Zone is Area Code 818?

  • State: California
  • Major City: Los Angeles
  • Timezone: Pacific

Largest Telephone Carriers

  • Landline

    • Pacific Bell: 34%
    • Verizon California (GTE): 5%
    • MCI Worldcom, CA: 3%
    • Pac-West Telecomm: 2%
    • Level 3: 2%
    • Teleport Group – Los Angeles: 2%
    • Mpower: 2%
    • Other: 14%
  • Wireless

    • Cingular: 8%
    • Verizon Wireless: 7%
    • Sprint: 6%
    • USA Mobility Wireless: 4%
    • T-Mobile: 2%
    • American Messaging (AM): 2%
    • American Messaging Services: 2%
    • Other: 3%

Area Code History

The 818 area code was established in 1984, created from a split of the original 213 area code that covered all of Southern California. This change addressed the growing population and the increase in telephone usage in the San Fernando Valley. To accommodate the continued demand for phone numbers, the 747 overlay was introduced in 2009, ensuring a sufficient supply of numbers for the region. This adaptation has been crucial for maintaining seamless connectivity in this vibrant area of California.

How It Works

The 818 area code is part of the North American Numbering Plan, serving parts of Los Angeles County, California. For local calls within the same area code, only the seven-digit number is needed. For calls outside the 818 area or to mobile phones, you must dial '1' followed by the 818 area code and the seven-digit number. Internationally, callers need to include the US country code (+1), the 818 area code, and the local number. Regulatory bodies ensure efficient use of numbering resources and manage potential overlays to meet growing demands.

Why Your Business Needs an 818 Phone Number

The 818 area code, covering the San Fernando Valley in Los Angeles, provides businesses with a solid local presence. Using this area code helps companies establish trust with local customers who prefer familiar numbers. This enhances communication efficiency as clients are more likely to interact with recognizable numbers. Additionally, an 818 number boosts marketing efforts and local search engine optimization (SEO), connecting businesses with the dynamic market of Greater Los Angeles and increasing visibility among potential customers.

Nearby Area Codes

The 818 area code serves the San Fernando Valley region of Los Angeles County. Adjacent to it is area code 747, which overlays the same region and offers additional numbering options. To the north, area code 661 covers areas such as Santa Clarita, Lancaster, and Bakersfield, important for businesses targeting these expanding suburbs. The 213/323 area codes cover central Los Angeles and its immediate neighborhoods, crucial for connectivity in dense urban business hubs. Strategically using these local area codes can enhance customer proximity perception and regional market integration for businesses.


How do I get an 818 phone number?
To obtain a phone number with the 818 area code, contact a
phone service provider for a landline, mobile, or virtual phone service. Providers have access to available numbers and will assign one upon request. Verify that the provider services the desired geographical area. Virtual phone numbers offer more flexibility while maintaining a local presence.

Are all 818 area codes available?
The 818 area code is in high demand due to its populous region, making availability limited. Check availability with local carriers or online phone number service providers. If the desired number is not available, consider the overlay area code 747, which serves the same region and offers a practical alternative for establishing a local presence.