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Woodbridge Brewing Co.

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Woodbridge Brewing Co: The Perfect Spot for Drinks and Entertainment

In search of a fresh haven for relaxation and entertainment? Discover the Woodbridge Brewing Co.! Folded away as a hidden treasure, this surprising joint combines delectable liquids with dynamic entertainment in an appealing ambiance. Whether you fancy chatting up friends over chilled brews or rocking out to live music on weekends, Woodbridge Brewing Co. serves it all up generously. 

The bar experience at Woodbridge Brewing Co

Woodbridge Brewing Co. boasts a standout bar experience that elevates any visit to this buzzing location. With a desirable selection of craft best beers in Woodbridge, irresistible beverages, and a distinctive and welcoming ambiance, it truly is an unforgettable outing.

At Woodbridge Brewing Co., customers can savor delicious beverages, indulge in mouthwatering cuisine, interact with friendly personnel, and unwind amidst a cozy ambiance. Therefore, sit at the bar and toast to an incomparable evening of merriment.

Types of drinks offered

At Woodbridge Brewing Co., there’s a perfect drink for every taste and preference. With an array of choices ranging from our handcrafted brews to timeless cocktails alongside non-alcoholic options, this beloved establishment has something that’ll appeal to everyone.

Craft Beers

We focus on producing premium, limited-quantity handmade brews using locally procured ingredients. The company offers a changing lineup of beer varieties, featuring its signature IPA, pale ale, and lager alongside seasonal specials. These exceptional and distinctive flavors cater to connoisseurs seeking fresh experiences in craft beer consumption.


Our bar in Woodbridge boasts an outstanding cocktail menu that offers a diverse selection of classic and innovative mixes catering to patrons with a taste for cocktails. Whether you fancy refreshing mojitos or rich, smoked old-fashioned, the mixture will surely fulfill your spirit craving at any moment. Our barkeepers are experts in making delightful drinks using only high-quality spirits coupled with fresh ingredients. Each time you order one, too!


Visitors who adore wine can rest assured that Woodbridge Brewing Co. is also an excellent choice. The establishment boasts a well-thought-out variety of local vineyards or revered global favorites, such as reds, whites, rosés, and sparkling wines. Whether enjoying by the glass with meals or opting to split a bottle amongst companions, options are abundant and exquisite at this venue.

Non-Alcoholic Options

Woodbridge Brewing Co. offers an array of choices to customers who opt for non-alcoholic drinks or have presented themselves as designated drivers. Children and adults love our homemade root beer equally, while our assortment of mocktails crafted using fresh juices are just as delicious as our alcoholic counterparts.

Specialty Drinks

We provide regular beverages and introduce exclusive drinks that alter periodically, depending on the season or exceptional occasions. These limited-time elixirs offer a thrilling experience for frequent patrons who seek to savor a distinct blend every time they visit.

Woodbridge Brewing Co. has your back if you’re in the mood for any drink. This best bar in town offers diverse options and is committed to quality and creativity. It’s ideal for unwinding with friends or enjoying a date night with your significant other.

Atmosphere and decorations

A brewery’s ambiance and decorations are pivotal in crafting the customer experience. Woodbridge Brewing Co. acknowledges this fact, evident through our exceptional efforts to establish an inviting and lively customer atmosphere. Immediately upon entering the premises, warm illumination illuminates beautiful wooden embellishments alongside comfortable seating arrangements, exuding a contemporary yet rural allure.

Woodbridge Brewing Co. provides the perfect ambiance for socializing and relaxing with friends. It offers a roomy outdoor patio decorated with string lights, great for soaking up sunshine or basking under the stars. Inside, guests can enjoy warm decor furnished with comfortable leather couches amidst industrial light fixtures and exposed brick walls. The main bar is eye-catching, showcasing an impressive lineup of taps set against a wooden backdrop featuring rare options from an extensive craft beer selection. 

In support of local talent, this brewery in Woodbridge NJ, also displays works by community artists while hosting occasional art exhibitions. To keep things lively for customers to unwind after work or get together casually on weekends, Woodbridge Brewing Co. regularly features live musical performances by talented homegrown musicians and board games galore each evening it’s open making it a welcoming hangout spot. 

sports bar Woodbridge NJSpecial events and entertainment options

Woodbridge Brewing Co. is not just a place for relishing drinks or food. It also caters to various exceptional events and entertainment choices, making it the perfect spot for spending quality time with friends or having an enjoyable date night experience.

Live Music Nights

At Woodbridge Brewing Co., live music nights have become a crowd favorite. Talented local artists take to the stage each weekend, infusing guests with soulful melodies and dynamic performances. The repertoire ranges from hearing cover songs to captivating originals, ensuring something for everyone in attendance. Combined with an inviting atmosphere at the brewery and lively musical entertainment, it is not surprising how unforgettable of an experience this has turned out for customers who keep flocking back for more every time.

Trivia Nights 

We offer the perfect platform for avid quizzers with its weekly trivia nights, scheduled every Tuesday. Form your team and dive into GK-packed rounds related to pop culture, sports history, and other exciting categories. The top-performing crews are rewarded handsomely and earn the right to boast about it among patrons.

Game Nights 

We are the best sports bar Woodbridge NJ, that offers game nights to satisfy your craving for convivial competition. With a diverse range of activities, including board games and cornhole tournaments, you’re sure to find an enjoyable pastime at the brewery. Whether connecting with new understandings or reconnecting with old pals, these events provide ample opportunity for lighthearted rivalry and socializing.

Seasonal Activities 

Apart from the usual happenings, Woodbridge Brewing Co. presents a variety of occasions based on seasons, such as pumpkin embellishment for Halloween or engaging holiday trivia nights during Christmas festivities. These different occurrences supplement the spirit and merriment of every visit.

Sports bar Woodbridge NJ aspect of Woodbridge Brewing Co.

Woodbridge Brewing Co. stands out from your typical brewery by providing a lively sports bar experience. Our sports bar Woodbridge NJ, features numerous TVs dispersed around the venue. It’s an ideal destination to catch any game or athletic contest while savoring delicious craft beer.

The Best Viewing Experience 

The centerpiece of Woodbridge Brewing Co.’s sports bar Woodbridge NJ, is undoubtedly its extensive projector screen. Designed with the latest technology, it guarantees an excellent view of the game from any seat in the house – be it at the bar itself, lounging on cozy sofas, or chilling out around a table with friends; not one play will go unnoticed!

A Community of Enthusiasts

At Woodbridge Brewing Co., the focus is not solely on viewing sports but rather on crafting an all-encompassing involvement for every customer. During major matches, excitement permeates as enthusiasts rally behind their beloved squads in unison. Genuine enthusiasm and a sense of community stem throughout the establishment, uniting individuals to cheer on teams collectively.

Highlighting Major and Local Events

Along with featuring well-liked sporting events such as the NFL games and NBA playoffs, Woodbridge Brewing Co. throws viewing gatherings for neighborhood teams that further heighten the already lively ambiance of this sports bar.

Delicious Pub-Style Cuisine

Remember the food! Woodbridge Brewing Co.’s menu features delectable pub-style cuisine perfectly complemented by its artisan best beers in Woodbridge. With an array of delightful options, including classic burgers and wings and unique dishes like beer-battered fish tacos and loaded tots, there is something to satisfy everyone’s palate while rooting for your favorite team.

Dining options at Woodbridge Brewing Co

Woodbridge Brewing Co. offers a diverse selection of dining choices to enhance the experience of savoring outstanding craft beers and engaging entertainment. From light snacks to substantial entrees, our trendy brewery in Woodbridge, NJ, caters to every craving imaginable.

The brewery provides an array of delectable plates that groups can share or enjoy as bite-sized treats. These include popular pub favorites like loaded nachos, crispy wings, and beer-battered onion rings.

This fast-food place in Woodbridge NJ offers a variety of burgers and sandwiches on the menu if you crave something more filling. Our locally sourced beef burgers are available in several imaginative combinations, such as the well-known “Brewmaster Burger,” which features maple-glazed bacon and homemade barbecue sauce. 

Woodbridge Brewing Co. provides a healthier alternative for those with dietary preferences, presenting crisp and healthy salads incorporating farm-fresh seasonal ingredients. The beloved “Harvest Salad” consists of an assortment of greens complemented by roasted sweet potatoes, apples, dried cranberries, goat cheese crumbles, and toasted almonds – all coated in a fine balsamic vinaigrette dressing sourced locally from the farms around town.

Don’t forget about dessert! Woodbridge Brewing Co. offers an array of heavenly desserts that flawlessly complement the beers. Indulge in decadent options like chocolate cake or delicious variations of creamy cheesecake, all guaranteed to gratify your cravings for something sweet.


Woodbridge Brewing Co’s sports bar is the ultimate destination whether you’re seeking a venue to catch your team in action or looking for an enjoyable night out with friends. Offering mouth-watering food, a bustling ambiance, and excellent entertainment selections, it caters perfectly to social butterflies and ardent fans of athletic pursuits. Don’t hesitate any longer! Stop by our establishment now, grab a refreshing drink, and revel in the perfect fusion at Woodbridge Brewing Co.