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Woodbridge Brewing Co.

sports bar Woodbridge NJ

Woodbridge Brewing Co: Ideal Spot for Drinks and Entertainment

At Woodbridge Brewing Co., you’ll discover a concealed treasure that effortlessly blends delectable drinks, vibrant entertainment, and an alluring ambiance. Whether you aim to reconnect with buddies over chilled beer or relish in lively music on weekends, Woodbridge Brewing Co. has everything covered.

The bar experience at Woodbridge Brewing Co

A visit to the Woodbridge Brewing Co. isn’t complete without relishing our remarkable bar in Woodbridge experience. It features an extensive selection of craft beers and other delectable concoctions complemented by a warm, distinctive ambiance, creating lasting memories.

  • As guests enter the brewery, their attention is captivated by the bar area, which boasts an impressive atmosphere. Its fusion of rural wooden furnishings and modern industrial decor creates a perfect blend of comfort and modernity for customers seeking to unwind with a drink. The friendly staff operating the counter possess extensive knowledge about beverages and are always eager to suggest drinks—a beer that matches your taste preferences.
  • At Woodbridge Brewing Co., you can find a variety of handcrafted beers that are expertly brewed on the premises. Whether you prefer light IPAs or indulgent stouts, this brewery has something to offer every beer enthusiast. With our ever-changing selection of tap beverages, visitors will always have an intriguing and unique option to sample.
  • Besides our selection of brews, our brewpub in Woodbridge offers a variety of wines, ciders, and cocktails for those seeking something different. Our proficient bartenders expertly blend timeless favorites with innovative creations made from fresh ingredients. Sipping on a tasty signature cocktail while enjoying live entertainment or catching your favorite game on television generates an energetic ambiance that attracts repeat patrons.
  • In addition to our beverages, Woodbridge Brewing Co. is one of the best fast food places in Woodbridge, NJ, and offers delicious meals from its kitchen to enhance the drinking experience. From finger food such as loaded fries to substantial dishes including burgers and sandwiches, a range of options can fill anyone’s hunger while relishing their drink at the bar.

Types of drinks offered

At Woodbridge Brewing Co., there’s a drink for every palate and preference. Whether you’re into our signature craft beers, timeless cocktails, or alcohol-free choices, the beloved establishment has covered everything.

Craft Beers

We prioritize the production of premium, limited-edition artisanal beers utilizing ingredients sourced from nearby areas. Our taproom regularly offers a diverse assortment of brews in Woodbridge, catering to aficionados seeking novel beer-tasting experiences.


Woodbridge Brewing Co. presents an awe-inspiring lineup of classic and innovative cocktails to delight mixed drink fans. Whether you crave a revitalizing mojito or a rich old-fashioned with woody notes, the menu has something for every mood. With fresh ingredients and high-grade spirits ready, skilled bartenders are poised to craft delectable drinks that satisfy even the most discerning palates.


We also cater to the preferences of wine enthusiasts and deliver satisfaction aplenty. The establishment presents a thoughtfully sorted range of red, white, rosé, and sparkling wines collected from domestic vineyards and world-renowned labels. Customers can choose either glass servings or full bottles to share with friends while dining at this delightful bar & restaurant in Woodbridge NJ.

Non-Alcoholic Options

Woodbridge Brewing Co. provides numerous choices for those who favor non-alcoholic drinks or are responsible for driving. Our in-house root beer is popular among younger and older patrons. Additionally, we offer delectable mocktails containing fresh juices that rival our alcoholic counterparts in flavorfulness.

Specialty Drinks

We serve our usual drinks selection and showcase exclusive beverages that vary depending on the season or noteworthy occasions. These distinctive libations stimulate regular patrons who crave a unique experience each visit.

Sports bar aspect of Woodbridge Brewing Co

Although Woodbridge Brewing Co. is a typical brewery, it features an energetic sports bar Woodbridge NJ that guarantees entertainment galore. With numerous TVs strategically positioned all around the venue, you can enjoy any game or sporting occasion while indulging in some refreshing craft beer – the ultimate haven for sports fans and lovers of fine brews!

State-of-the-Art Viewing

At Woodbridge Brewing Co., the sports bar’s claim to fame is its centerpiece—a colossal projector screen. This advanced technology guarantees that guests can catch every moment of gameplay from wherever they may be seated, whether at the bar, lounging on plush sofas, or chatting with friends around one of their tables.

Electric Game Day Atmosphere

Watching sports at Woodbridge Brewing Co. is more than just a passive activity; it’s about providing an engaging environment for every customer. During major events, the atmosphere becomes charged as supporters root for our preferred teams in unison, fostering an impactful sense of community spirit and enthusiasm throughout the premises.

Local Team Watch Parties

Woodbridge Brewing Co. boosts the excitement of its lively ambiance by organizing watch parties for community teams during highly anticipated sporting events such as NFL games and NBA playoffs.

Delicious Pub-Style Fare

Remember the food! Woodbridge Brewing Co. has a menu of delicious pub-style dishes that flawlessly complement our artisanal beers. Whether you’re in the mood for traditional burgers and wings or more adventurous options, there’s an option suited to all taste buds while rooting on your favorite team.

More Than Just TV

At the sports bar Woodbridge NJ, there’s more than just TV watching. We offer a range of entertainment options for patrons’ enjoyment. Certain evenings feature live music shows by local artists, bringing an extra dose of musical excitement to your night out.


Woodbridge Brewing Co. combines the best of both worlds by flawlessly merging brewery in Woodbridge NJ, charm with sports bar vibes, resulting in a lively and immersive setting that will captivate its clientele. This hotspot boasts leading-edge projection screens, multiple TVs, and an electric ambiance on game days, providing ideal indulgence for avid sports enthusiasts. Treat your taste buds with delectable pub-style cuisine complementing sensational handcrafted beers while enjoying live music performances at Woodbridge Brewing Co., where you will enjoy an unmatched nightlife experience like no other venue can offer. Whether it’s cheering alongside fellow fans rooting for their favorite team or simply seeking exciting entertainment opportunities surrounded by friends over drinks & food, this place has everything covered as the ultimate destination for good times out on the town.